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However, the myth of the vegetable lamb only became popular in Europe after Sir John Mandeville, the most famous traveler of the Middle Ages, included it in his account of wandering abroad. Nevertheless, plenty of readers failed to catch the joke and genuinely believed in the existence of the Tasmanian mock walrus. In the Middle Ages, local people were baffled by the strange disappearance of a particular type of goose, Branta leucopsisduring its nesting period. In MarchDaily Buzz Live, a satirical site that poses as a real news outlet, published an article claiming that Brazilian scientists had found the remains of a giant prehistoric owl called Ornimegalonyx in Another inconsistency involves the fact that the ice directly above the water in the lake is actually formed from lake water itself.

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The hoop snake is also said to have a venomous stinger in its tail which it uses to finish off its victims.

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10 Bizarre Creatures That People Once Believed To Be Real

Click here to have it e-mailed to you. On March 31,Google released the beta version of Gmail, which featured 1 GB of free storage, cavernous compared to other e-mail provider offerings. April Fools' hoaxes succeed because the victims, conditioned by a stream of implausible but true stories in the press, aren't expecting the sucker punch. For example, ice core drilling typically produces a passage only a few inches in diameter, certainly not large enough to transport a person through two miles of ice, never mind a tank capable of containing a foot long aquatic creature. He also rigged a rope and pulley to make the monster move.

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